An Intelligent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Company, providing the most inclusive products and services that cover the entire sector of waste management globally from tracking phase to collection, route optimization and recycling.

We focus our activities on?
  1. Intelligent waste tracking and sorting: Using AI for drones to track/detect waste on waterways, landfills, waste bins, and oceans and help automated systems differentiate between different kinds of waste.
  2. GPS-tracking technology: We enable waste management companies optimize hauling routes and timing data, thereby reducing fuel consumption of waste pickup trucks.
  3. Rewarding Platform: We connect independent haulers and informal waste collectors with households, companies, cities and municipalities who need their waste picked up and recycled. Communities receive rewards in exchange for their waste.
  4. Socio-economic empowerment programs: Empowerment of youths and women on waste recycling to create wealth, waste to clean energy, behavior changes and others.


A solution that helps corporates, waste companies, cities and municipalities source and treat waste in real time.

We are disrupting the waste management industry by providing digitization and traceability of waste across all sectors with environmentally friendly methods, promoting transparency, trust and a culture of recycling.


Without the need to wait and waste time and efforts, we help users track, source and treat waste in real time.


An Uber-like business, connecting independent haulers with households, companies, cities and municipalities who need their waste picked up

Specific Solutions:

Connecting informal waste pickers to recycling corporates in global markets.

Transparent, quick, organized and rewarding services!

The future depends on what we do in the present! Mahatma Gandhi.