From Waste To Wealth

Discover how we promote sustainability by reducing waste while creating wealth.

The life cycle of items is too short, with people too quick to throw away items that could easily be reused by someone else or turned into something new. Especially younger people who have grown up with a system built on convenience. The solution: We are connecting owners of unused items to their next buyers - owners of old electronics, old plastic items at home or office, unused household appliances, surplus tools & equipment, unneeded furniture, unused textiles, toys, etc, to reduce waste. Make the craft of recycling and reusing cool again. We are already starting to see pockets of this in youth culture – a generation that is creatively minded. We are seeing upcycling and reworking trends start to bubble up.

The items go through testing process that delivers quality at affordable price, thereby promoting sustainability through recycle, reuse and resell. Let’s make the most of this, giving this behavior a place to live, a place to thrive and bring more people into that lifestyle and outlook on life. Search by category, location and more. Find people to recycle, reuse, resell, customize and create.

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