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Get Paid to Recycle Old
Electronics Now!

Our ethical sourcing platform connects you to global markets to sell electronic waste; we offer pickup from your address and pay you upon collection


We provide rewarding E-waste recycling in a process that is transparent, quick and orderly.


Transparent, Quick, Organized, Rewarding. Payment by cash, mobile money, e-wallet, bank transfer or cheque (for amounts greater than 10,000FCFA)

Why should you trust us?

We have a 99% order acceptance rate and pay great cash rewards.


Our Services

AI-Powered Drones to Track Electronic Waste

We detect and track electronic waste in the environment for corporates, governments and individuals, take drone survey data and present that data in an easy to use format allowing clients to track electronic waste, material movement and calculate volumes

B2B Enterprise Solution:

We connect informal scrap pickers with global markets via our ethical sourcing platform.


 Free Pickup of at least 3 qualified electronic waste devices

Paid Pickup for less than 3 qualified devices (1000FCFA/pickup), or disposal of bulky devices (2000FCFA/device)

We pay more than 3 times our main competitors. We can collect as little as 3 devices while competitors will want 20 devices or more.

How does this work?

Why choose us?


You don’t have to do all the hard work and carry heavy stuff directly to a recycling factory and negotiate. We do that for you.

Trust Worthy, Transparent.

We are legally certified and follow strict regulations on data destruction and privacy.


We give you at most 2 hours window collection and 3 hours maximum till payment


We charge you the lowest rates on the market for pickup of bulky items

How we help

- We recycle 100% of the e-waste we collect with a government-certified recycling facility. This is a great way to reduce your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions - We are quick transparent and organized Get ready to recycle now within 10km from you ready to collect.

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