October 17, 2022

Is Recycling Too Confusing?

The list of household recycling questions goes on and on. Can you recycle plastic food trays? Or greaseproof paper? Envelopes with windows? Paper with a shiny foil coating? Do you have to rinse it, separate it, put the lid back on? Just how many types of recyclable plastic are there?
October 14, 2022

Making an Impact towards Zero Waste

The vision towards zero waste requires all of us to come together and join hands in doing our individual roles at home, in the office, and cumulatively as brands, investors, businesses, communities, and legislators. It is the small actions we do that will have a butterfly effect in moving towards a circular economy.
October 12, 2022

Why and How Food Waste should be prevented

Food waste is a huge ongoing global problem that is not discussed often enough in the media. Not only can food waste end up costing you more money, but it can also negatively impact the environment in several ways. Keep reading for more information on why food waste should be prevented and the ways you can battle the waste.
October 11, 2022

Palm Oil and its impact on the Environment

Palm oil is an infamous vegetable oil that is used in the production of many foods in Cameroon, as well as cosmetics, and toiletries. Unfortunately, palm oil also has a huge impact on the environment, with its ties to deforestation and unethical production. This post will delve into palm oil, why it’s considered bad for the planet, and the steps you can take to reduce its production and consumption.
October 10, 2022

The Bleaglee Guide to Composting at Home

As more and more of us become increasingly environmentally aware, many are taking an interest in our food waste, and what we can do with it. Some councils collect it from residents’ houses, but composting may be the solution you are looking for those that don't. It is also worth checking what your council does with their food waste if they do collect it; if it is sent to a landfill, why not deal with it yourself at home instead? Read about the benefits, below.
October 6, 2022

10 Ways you can Recycle and Save Money

Some people don’t realize this, but recycling and money-saving often go hand-in-hand. With this is mind, we put this list together to show you 10 great ways you can save yourself some money while also benefiting the environment. They are so easy, you can get started today!
October 5, 2022

Why is Plastic Bad for the Planet?

Plastic is everywhere you look in the home — whether it’s the handwash container and shampoo bottle in the bathroom, or the utensils and food storage boxes in the kitchen. There’s a difference between single-use plastic and plastic products that are created to be reused. However, there are risks associated with both. This blog post takes a look at why plastic is such a problem for the environment.
October 4, 2022

What is Climate Change and What Causes it?

Climate change and global warming are mentioned so often in the news and it is often assumed that everyone knows exactly what they are and what causes them. However, many people are confused about this phenomenon. In fact, some don’t even believe in the idea of climate change! 
October 3, 2022

Why Recycling is Important

With recycling being such a common occurrence nowadays, it sometimes feels like the reason behind it has been lost over time. So, in this blog post, we’ll take a look at the reasons behind us all separating our recyclables from our general waste.