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The waste management industry is mature for a cross over in the innovation curve.

There is a generation of too much waste. The present era is driven by a throw-away consumerism with companies and producers striving to maximize profits by producing one-time products without prioritizing on reuse, recycling or the use of environmentally friendly materials. Africa and America combined are responsible for producing 340 million tons of waste annually. This is about 2.1kg per person each day. According to the World Bank, the average municipal solid waste (MSW) generation per person on a daily basis is about 1.2kg and the figure is expected to rise up to 1.5kg by 2025.
This therefore implies that every local authority and state suffer the problem of effective waste management due to the generation of too much waste. Be it a used plastic bag, electronic waste or metal scraps, they are all products that require appropriate management to limit their harm to the environment. Waste collection, treatment and recycling is therefore a systematic action for managing waste from its origin to its final disposal. The informal sector also has a great role to play in waste management.

Transparent, Quick and Organized

Our digital platforms are transparent, quick and organized, allowing our clients not to waste time and efforts. Our network of international partners ensure that we provide the best quality in real-time.

Profitably Priced

We make sure our clients embrace recycling via prices that bring profits to them, and our profits are also re-invested into the business.

Measurable Impact

Our Independent Commissioning agent (IDA) provides unbiased perspective of the smart waste management process directly to the client. We assist the clients in undertaking the responsibilities in the entire waste management process.

How do we do this?

Learn about Our 3 step process

A cloud-based platform that is bridging waste pickers with recycling companies, promoting transparency, trust and a culture of recycling. Our independent commissioning agents (IDA) provide advice to individuals corporates on which materials can be recycled in order to promote sustainability. We are disrupting the waste management industry by helping waste pickers to find the right recycling company with environmental friendly methods. Our platform allows corporates to track, collect, treat and recycle waste from informal and formal waste pickers without the need to wait and waste time and labor. or your needs.
Doing so will allow us to educate, connect and include all stakeholders via a single digital channel. These features will be beneficial to corporates, SMEs and municipalities or disaster response teams which need to manage many facilities dispersed within a wide area. For example, the thousands of informal and formal waste management players in Cameroon. Are you a waste picker / collector? Do you want to buy recyclable waste? Are you a recycling company looking for talents? Get in touch with us now. touch with us now.
EnvironmentOur experience takes us from land to sea. We are capable of providing solutions on the entire waste process from how to collect, treat and recycle, using a transparent, quick and orderly process. We then connect waste pickers to global markets in plastics, metals, electronics and other industries, promoting transparency, trust and a culture of recycling
SustainabilityWe are promoting sustainability and corporate environmental responsibility by working with a group of metallic waste-pickers to recycle metals and electronics into clean cooking ovens which they can use or sell. These stoves are powered by solar or sustainable fuel from agricultural waste as an alternative to depleting forests and land for firewood or coal..
Whole Life ValueOur smart waste management platform includes the entire waste process from sourcing to treatment and recycling, coupled with machine learning to make the waste management process affordable, quick and orderly
Independent CommissioningOur clients – including our trainees, waste collectors and corporates always walk away from our projects knowing that their core basis of waste management was preserved. The Independent Commissioning agent provides unbiased perspective of the smart waste management process directly to the client. We assist the project team in undertaking the responsibilities in the entire waste management process.