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Recycling Metal Scraps (aluminum) and Electronic Waste into Health-Friendly Cooking Stoves

An award winning product! Bleaglee started as a metals manufacturing industry, transforming aluminum waste into sustainable produces. Bleaglee recycles metal scraps and aluminum waste into health-friendly cooking stoves. We train low-income youths, with priority to girls on how to recycle waste into clean cooking stoves which they can sell to global markets via a digital channel. Bleaglee works with informal waste-pickers especially women to collect and recycle aluminum waste and metal scraps into sustainable cooking ovens which they can use or sell. The ovens are affordable and reduce toxic emissions by up to 95 percent, saving cooks from heart and lung diseases caused by smoke pollution.

The result is a cooking stove which cooks 5 times faster than traditional ovens found in developing countries, is 80 percent cheaper than firewood, is recyclable after 5 years of use and can be easily carried outside the kitchen to prevent the effects of indoor air pollution on the lungs of cooks. The stoves use renewable energy bio-briquettes for cooking fuel which is gotten by recycling plastic and a proportion of biomass waste. At a minimum, the stove can fit up to size 80 liter cooking pot needed for mass communal cooking and can be powered by solar. Get our clean cooking stoves as a product from our warehouse shipped to your location, made from recycled metal scraps.